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Tennessee Highway Patrol Aviation Assists in the Return of Missing Maury County Woman

Friday, June 28, 2013 | 10:08am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Aviation Unit was requested to assist in the search for a missing Maury County woman during the early morning hours on Friday. THP Lieutenant Brad Lund (pilot) led the aerial search efforts. 

At approximately 2:15 a.m. this morning, the Maury County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) called for aerial support in the search for the missing woman. The 50-year old female was last seen riding an all-terrain vehicle at approximately 7 p.m. on Thursday night. Local law enforcement officials and emergency services personnel had conducted a ground search but were unable to determine her whereabouts.

While en route from Nashville, Lt. Lund began canvassing the area as he flew closer to the Mt. Pleasant vicinity. He then landed to receive a briefing of the situation by local authorities and view maps of the region. Lt. Lund continued his aerial search around 6:15 a.m., and observed the missing female in a pine tree thicket at approximately 6:58 a.m. She was walking on a gravel road between the brush and was roughly a mile and a half from her home.

Lt. Lund contacted authorities on the ground and led them to her location.

The Maury County Sheriff’s Department and other local officials were involved in the safe return of the woman.

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