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TDOC Receives Award of Excellence

Friday, December 28, 2012 | 10:31am

NASHVILLE – The Department of Correction is being honored for its supervision of offenders on electronic monitoring. The Department’s Field Services Division received the Program of Excellence Award for its Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking program. The award was handed out at the 2012 GPS Training Institute to recognize the strength of TDOC’s supervision program.

More than 880 offenders are closely monitored by the TDOC through the use of electronic monitoring. According to Satellite Tracking of People, LLC (STOP), which handed out the award, Tennessee was recognized based on the “outstanding statistics of this well-run program.”

The Department was honored for increasing utilization by 15 percent, having fewer than 0.2% of all violations a result of tampering, no increase in the percentages of events despite the increased usage, dedication to the program by executive management and actively engaging other law enforcement agencies to support the mission of the program.

GPS monitoring tracks the movement of sex offenders, violent offenders and those ordered to be monitored by the courts.

“Our agency is committed to enhancing public safety in Tennessee and will use every tool available to ensure that safety is not comprised,” Commissioner Derrick Schofield said.

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