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Highways Dedicated To Fallen Troopers

Monday, September 17, 2007 | 07:00pm

Nashville, Tennessee —Tennessee Department of Safety Commissioner David Mitchell and Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Mike Walker, along with other THP officers, joined Senator Doug Jackson and Representative David Shepard to dedicate two sections of Interstate 40 in memory of the late Troopers Todd M. Larkins and Samuel F. Holcomb. The ceremony was held today, September 17, 2007, at the Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN, at 11 a.m.   Family members of Trooper Larkins and Trooper Holcomb were on hand for the dedication.

“These dedicated law enforcement professionals paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives to ensure our highways remain safe,” stated Commissioner Mitchell. “Today, we gather to honor these brave Troopers.”

Trooper Larkins was struck and killed in July 2005, by a tractor trailer while making a traffic stop along Interstate 40 in Dickson County.

Trooper Samuel Holcomb was also killed during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 in Dickson County. In March of 1988, as he was exiting his patrol car, Trooper Holcomb was struck from behind by a driver who was blinded by the early morning sunlight.

“Everyday, the men and women of the Tennessee Highway Patrol put their lives on the line.  They do so because of a great desire to serve others,” said Colonel Mike Walker.  “This dedication will hopefully serve as a great reminder to drivers to stay alert and be aware of these brave officers, who are risking their lives to keep them safe.”

The General Assembly passed a bill naming the section of Interstate 40 between mile markers 177 and 182 as “Trooper Todd M. Larkins Memorial Highway,” and the segment between mile markers 172 and 177 as “Trooper Samuel F. Holcomb Memorial Highway.”

“Trooper Larkins and Trooper Holcomb were selfless men and outstanding public servants,” said Senator Jackson. “The community still grieves its loss.”  TDOT has installed signs memorializing Troopers Larkins and Holcomb along Interstate 40.  They stand near mile markers 172, 177 and 182.

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