Driver License Service Centers Change Hours

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | 07:00pm

The Tennessee Department of Safety is announcing service hour changes for its Driver License Service Centers across the state.  Effective Monday, April 30, the hours are being adjusted to offer customers more options.

Safety Commissioner Dave Mitchell says, “Customer service is our top priority at Driver License Service Centers across the state.  And remember, you don’t have to get your license in the county where you live.  Tennesseans can obtain or renew licenses in any county where a service center is located.”

Driver License Director Wanda Moore says, “There are more ways to get driver license services than coming to a station.  The Driver Services Centers are rearranging their hours to make services more accessible to more people.  Hours will change at many stations.  We encourage our customers to go as early in the day to our stations as possible.  This will help ensure a shorter wait time.”

Many people can renew their licenses or get duplicates for lost licenses online.  People who need to take road tests can make appointments for those tests online too, and this ensures you that an examiner will be ready to give that test at a specific time.  The department’s Online Services Home page is located at:

Find details of these changes at

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