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Sunday, November 19, 2006 | 06:00pm

I-40 CARE Across America

2006 Thanksgiving Holiday Enforcement Press Release

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2006 Thanksgiving Holiday Checkpoints

November 20, 2006

Nashville, Tennessee — Eight State Police agencies will combine enforcement efforts along Interstate 40 on November 22, 2006. The initiative is part of the Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) Thanksgiving Period which runs from Thursday November 22 nd through Sunday November 26th.

State Police agencies from North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California will be placing troopers every 10 miles along Interstate 40. The operation will cover 2,547 miles of Interstate from Wilmington, NC to Barstow, CA.

“Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled holidays of the year. Troopers will concentrate their enforcement activities toward alcohol-related offenses, speed, and restraint violations,” said Lt. Pete Norwood of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. State Police agencies attended the CARE conference in New Mexico and discussed similar operations between Oklahoma and Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona , and Louisiana and Texas. “This is the first time eight State Police agencies have combined forces stretching across the United States form coast to coast.”

Operation C.A.R.E. first began in 1977, when Michigan State Police and Indiana State Police began strict enforcement activity and unified the efforts of both states. Today, C.A.R.E. encompasses all 50 states and Canada , as well as several island nations. Operation C.A.R.E. covers six periods, including all heavily traveled holidays and two special enforcement campaigns.

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