68-115-403. Pre-contest physical examination -- Specified time -- Expenses.

*** Current through the 2015 Regular Session ***

Title 68  Health, Safety and Environmental Protection  
Chapter 115  Tennessee Athletic Commission Act of 2016  
Part 4  Physical Examinations

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-115-403  (2016)

68-115-403.  Pre-contest physical examination -- Specified time -- Expenses. 

  (a) All professional combatants shall be required to submit to a pre-contest physical examination within forty-eight (48) hours of, or the day prior to, the scheduled start of the contest. A random urine drug screen to determine the use of banned or illegal substances may be required of a combatant, within the time specified in this chapter, prior to a contest.

(b) All physical examinations required pursuant to subsection (a) shall be performed by a ringside physician.

(c) A professional combatant shall be subject to additional blood testing for infectious diseases if more than ninety (90) days have elapsed since the combatant's license was issued.

(d) All expenses incurred pursuant to this section shall be paid by the promoter.​

HISTORY: Acts 2015, ch. 351, § 16.

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