68-115-203. Power and duties of commission.

*** Current through the 2015 Regular Session ***

Title 68  Health, Safety and Environmental Protection  
Chapter 115  Tennessee Athletic Commission Act of 2016  
Part 2  Administration

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-115-203  (2016)

68-115-203.  Power and duties of commission.

  (a) Except as provided in § 68-115-302 concerning wrestling contests, the commission shall have discretion, authority, management, regulation and control of all professional contests and pro-am competitions held, conducted or given within this state, the powers and duties specified in this chapter and all other powers necessary and proper to enable the commission to execute fully and effectively all of the purposes, duties and policies of this chapter. Any provision of this chapter or rule of the commission applicable to professional contests and to combatants, promoters, managers, matchmakers, seconds, ringside physicians and any other ring official participating in professional contests shall apply to professional contests conducted as part of a pro-am competition and participants in such contests.

(b) The commission or the executive director shall have the authority to employ, as necessary, designated individuals, as part-time state employees for purposes of title 8, chapter 42, part 1, who are qualified to assist ring officials and commission members in the regulation of professional contests. Such state employees shall be classified as executive service employees.

(c) The commission may review, with a promoter, all ring officials employed for a professional contest; and the promoter may submit a list of recommended ring officials for consideration by the commission.​

HISTORY: Acts 2015, ch. 351, §§ 11, 19.

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