68-115-209. Suspension or revocation of license.

*** Current through the 2015 Regular Session ***

Title 68  Health, Safety and Environmental Protection  
Chapter 115  Tennessee Athletic Commission Act of 2016  
Part 2  Administration

Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-115-209  (2016)

68-115-209.  Suspension or revocation of license.

  (a) The commission may, in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, compiled in title 4, chapter 5, suspend or revoke the license of any person issued pursuant to this chapter who:

   (1) Enters into a contract for a professional contest of unarmed combat in bad faith;

   (2) Participates in any sham or fake professional contest of unarmed combat;

   (3) Participates in a professional contest of unarmed combat pursuant to a collusive understanding or agreement in which the combatant competes in or terminates the professional contest in a manner that is not based upon honest competition;

   (4) Is found to have failed to give the combatant's best efforts, a failure to compete honestly or a failure to give an honest exhibition of the combatant's skills in a professional contest of unarmed combat;

   (5) Is found by the commission to have committed an act or conduct that is detrimental to a professional contest of unarmed combat, including, but not limited to, any foul or unsportsmanlike conduct in connection with a professional contest of unarmed combat;

   (6) Fails to comply with any limitation, restriction or condition placed on the professional combatant's license;

   (7) Is determined to have used performance enhancing drugs or violated any provision of the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines regulating substances;

   (8) Engages in fraud or deceit in obtaining a license under this chapter;

   (9) Is physically or mentally incapable;

   (10) Has violated this chapter, any rule duly promulgated under this chapter or any lawful order of the commission; or

   (11) Has had the person's license revoked or suspended by any other authority, or has surrendered such license to the other authority, that regulates unarmed combat or its equivalent.

(b) The commission may also refuse to issue a license to an applicant who has been found by the commission to have committed any of the acts described in subsection (a) in this state or in any other jurisdiction.

HISTORY: Acts 2015, ch. 351, § 3.

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