62-19-126. Citations for violations.

*** Current through the 2015 Regular Session ***

Title 62  Professions, Businesses and Trades  
Chapter 19  Auctioneers

Tenn. Code Ann. § 62-19-126  (2016)​

62-19-126.  Citations for violations.

  (a)  (1) The administrative director and the investigator, acting on behalf of the commission, are authorized to issue citations against persons acting in the capacity of engaging in the auction business without a license in violation of this chapter.

   (2) Each citation shall be in writing and shall describe with specificity the basis of each citation.

   (3) Each citation shall contain an order to cease all violations of this chapter and an assessment of a civil penalty in an amount of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) for each violation.

(b) The commission shall promulgate rules and regulations to specify those conditions necessary to the issuance of a citation and the range of penalties for violations of this chapter.

(c) Service of a citation issued pursuant to this section may be made in person or by certified mail at the last known business address or residence address of the person cited.

(d) A citation issued pursuant to this section shall be issued by the administrative director or investigator within one (1) year after the act or omission that is the basis for the citation.

(e) Any person served with a citation pursuant to this section may appeal to the administrative director by written notice postmarked within fifteen (15) working days after service of the citation with respect to violations alleged, scope of the order or amount of civil penalty assessed.

(f) If a person cited timely notifies the administrative director that the person intends to contest the citation, the administrative director shall afford an opportunity for a contested case hearing pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, compiled in title 4, chapter 5.

(g) After all administrative appeals have been exhausted, the administrative director may apply to the appropriate court for judgment in an amount of the civil penalty, plus applicable court costs, and for an order to cease activities in violation of this chapter. The motion for the order, which shall include a certified copy of the final order of the hearing officer or administrative judge, shall constitute a sufficient showing to warrant the issuance of judgment and order.

(h) The commission may waive any or all of a civil penalty by stating the reasons for the waiver in the official minutes of the commission.​

HISTORY: Acts 1999, ch. 358, § 11.

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