File a Complaint

Scrap Metal Registration Program

Complaint Filing Process

All formal disputes must be submitted in writing in order to initiate the complaint process. Upon receipt of the written complaint a copy of the allegation(s) as well as a formal request for a written response will be sent to the Respondent via certified mail.

The Respondent is required to reply in writing within ten (10) days of receipt of the complaint and address each allegation(s) contained therein. Upon receipt of the Respondent's written response the entire complaint file is forwarded to the staff attorney for review and consideration.

The staff attorney will present the complaint and response (or lack there of) to the Commissioner with a recommendation on how to resolve the complaint. The Commissioner will take legal counsel's recommendation into consideration and make a final judgment. All judgments rendered by the Commissioner shall be final.

Please note, this department only has the authority to discipline licensees. The Department of Commerce and Insurance, Scrap Metals Registration Program does NOT have the authority to recover monetary damages or order specific performance. If you are seeking the aforementioned type of judgment you must pursue your action in civil court.

To file a complaint online, please visit CORE.