Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
Function Member Represents Term Expires
Chair Ron R. Gillihan II Barber School Owner 6/30/2024
Vice-Chair Rebecca M. Russell Cosmetology Instructor 6/30/2026
Member Monica Lemons Cosmetologist 6/30/2025
Member David McElreath Public Member with Education Degree 6/30/2026
Member Judy McAllister Cosmetologist 6/30/2024
Member Tamika Turner Cosmetology School Owner 6/30/2027
Member Mona Sappenfield Aesthetician 6/30/2024
Member Ryan Timmons Master Barber 6/30/2025
Member Amy Tanksley Barber Shop Owner 6/30/2024
Member Anita Charlton Manicurist 6/30/2027
Member Vacant Natural Hair Stylist --
Member Perry Baldwin Public Member 6/30/2027
Member Jeffery Moran Master Barber 6/30/2027
Layne Petty Cosmetologist
Attorney Joe Wharton