Course Providers and Medical Gas Training Providers

Board for Licensing Contractors

The Board approves course providers for "Contractor Prelicensing Exams" and "Medical Gas".

Contractor Prelicensed Exam Course Provider

Contractor prelicensing exam course providers (prep or cram schools), offering any type of contractor's exam preparation courses (online, workshops, etc.,) must be licensed by the Board for Licensing Contractors first or will be subject to disciplinary action. More information is provided in the application below. Approval is granted for three (3) years. Upon the end of the approval period, providers must be re-approved and should apply 90 days prior to expiration.

Providers may not: guarantee the passing of the contractor's exam; recommend CPA's or offer to prepare the contractor's financial statement; or encourage inexperienced contractors to purchase costly books to take exams in which they do not qualify having a license. See the law, rules and regulations for further guidelines. Clients who have experienced violations from the provider may file a written complaint to the Board.

  • Providers must notify the Board in writing to report changes and have the revisions approved by the Board.
  • There is not a fee to request or report revisions.
  • Upon bond cancelation, the course approval is considered void or denied, until a new bond is in place.
  • Renewal to be re-approved requires submitting the application 90 days prior to expiration.

Contractor Prelicensed Exam Course Provider

Application [pdf]
Approved Providers List [pdf]
Complaint Reporting
Disciplinary Action [pdf]
Law (Title 62, Chapter 6, Part 138 - 207)
Renewal/Reapproval [pdf] (Same as Application)
Revision Request/Report Changes [pdf]
Rules and Regulations (Chapter 0680-5)

Note: The Board does not require contractor applicants to take courses in order to take the contractor licensing exams with PSI Exam Services, LLC (the exam vendor for the Board). In addition, continuing education (CEU) is not required to obtain or renew a license.


Medical gas piping, installation, maintenance and repair work fall within the regulation pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-253. The Board is authorized to approve Medical Gas providers to entities providing certification.


Application - Medical Gas Providers of Certification
Approved Providers List
Rules (Board for Licensing Contractors; see section 0680-1-.16)
Medical Gas Law (Department of Health; TCA Chapter 68, Part 11, Section 253)
P.I.P.E - Medical Gas Certification Resource
NITC (AMGI) Medical Gas Certification Resource

For contractors wanting to add "Medical Gas" to their contractor's license, they must submit an "Add Class" License Revision Form to add "S-Medical Gas" to their license classification; must also provide training certificate in lieu of exam score.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board office at (615) 741-8307 or 1-800-544-7693 or by email at: