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It is the purpose of the Collection Service Board to formulate public policy concerning the industry, enact rules and regulations, grant licenses to applicants that meet the requirements, initiate investigations, suspend, revoke or cancel licenses for cause, and ensure compliance with enacted legislation pertaining to the collection industry.

Certificate of Authority

Please review of the criteria for exemption of a Certificate of Authority per TCA 48-11-101 found at the following link at the bottom of the page: If you are not required to have a Certificate of Authority due to qualifying for one of the exemptions, please check “Yes” to bypass the question included in the online application and submit an attachment with explanation detailing why the Certificate of Authority is not required for the business.

Solicitor Cards

Per TCA 62-20-102.  Chapter definitions. (9) “Solicitor" means any individual who is employed by or under contract with a collection service to solicit accounts or sell collection service forms or systems on its behalf.

As such, Solicitor Cards are not required for Collection Agents who only correspond with consumers regarding any alleged debt. 

Consumer Alert: Fake Debt Collectors

Please see the article from the FTC at