Commission Members

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated Section 38-8-102 (b)(1):

The Commission shall consist of one (1) police officer below the rank of assistant chief, or equivalent rank:
Garry Carter

Murfreesboro Police Department


The State Attorney General and Reporter:
Senior Counsel Brent Cherry Attorney General’s Office 1/15/2019-1/14/2023
Two (2) sheriffs and two (2) municipal chiefs of police who shall be appointed by the governor and serve at his pleasure:
Sheriff Chad Partin Coffee County Sheriff’s Office 2/15/2019 - at pleasure
Chief Deborah Faulkner City of Franklin Police Department 2/15/2019 - at pleasure
Chief Steve Isbell Dyersburg Police Department 2022 - at pleasure
Sheriff Tom Spangler Knox County Sheriff's Office 2/15/2019 - at pleasure
One (1) non-supervisory police officer:  
William A. Forrester Memphis Police Department 1/13/2019 - 1/13/2023
One (1) member of the senate and one (1) member of the House of Representatives who shall be appointed by the respective speakers and who shall be non-voting members of the Commission to serve for terms of two (2) years:
Senator Ed Jackson Senator 1/21/2021 - 1/10/2023
Representative Bud Hulsey Representative 3/3/2021 - 11/8/2022
Two (2) citizens who are not connected with law enforcement, one (1) of whom shall be appointed by a resolution of the house of representatives, and one (1) of whom shall be appointed by resolution of the senate to serve for terms of two (2) years:
Lowell Russell Senate Appointee 2/13/2020 - 3/1/2023
William Green House of Representative Appointee 1/12/2022 - 1/12/2024 
And three (3) additional members to be appointed by the governor:  
Bob Waggoner Knoxville, TN 2/15/2019 - 3/27/2022
Kim Birchfield Elizabethton, TN 2/15/2019 - 3/27/2022
Brian Wright Tiptonville, TN  2/15/2019 - 3/27/2022
(a) The Director of the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy shall serve as the Executive Secretary of the Commission:
William N. Kain Executive Secretary  
(b) Staff for the Commission shall be provided through the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy:
VACANT Assistant Director  
Kat Cooper LE Training Instructor/Investigator  
Rafael Bello LE Training Instructor/Investigator  
Shana Roberts LE Training Instructor/Investigator  
Stephanie Davis Investigator   
Lakita Taylor Administrative Services Assistant III  
VACANT Administrative Services Assistant II  
Kathy Greer Administrative Services Assistant II