Fireworks Displays

1. What types of fireworks need a display permit?

• Generally, there are two types of Fireworks Tennesseans need to know about, “Consumer” and “Professional” fireworks.

• Consumer fireworks are any fireworks that can be bought through an annual retailer. These are the big stores that you may see while driving down the interstate. The fireworks sold here can be used without a display permit, as long as local authorities have approved any necessary safety measures.

• Professional fireworks would be what we see after NFL football games or big concerts/events and are usually purchased in bulk through a wholesaler or different channels. These types of fireworks require a Fireworks Display Permit with the State of Tennessee.

2. What Licenses do I need to obtain a Fireworks Display Permit?

• Applicants must provide BOTH an Exhibitors License AND an Operator License to be able to apply. Click the links below to learn more about each license.

• Exhibitor: HERE

• Operator: HERE

3. Sky Lanterns

• Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-104-101(9), any unmanned free-floating device capable of producing an open flame, such as, but not limited to, sky lanterns, is defined by statute as special fireworks. As such, the sale of sky lanterns to the general public is prohibited and can only be purchased and used by individuals possessing a professional license (such as a certified flame effect operator, certified outdoor display operator, or certified proximate pyrotechnic operator).


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