Trout Information/Stockings

  • Streams and Small Lakes (February to October)
  • Delayed Harvest Areas
  • Each year 80 streams and small lakes are stocked to provide a trout fishery. These streams have low abundance of wild trout, or no trout at all. TWRA stocks about 325,000 9-12 inch trout between February and October. While trout fishing is allowed year-round on most of these streams, many of these waters are too warm for trout by mid summer. For this reason we limit most of the trout stocking to the spring and the best fishing is from the first stocking week until the midsummer when water temperatures
    exceed 70 degrees F.
    Many of the stocked trout streams are located on private property. To assure the future of these fisheries, respect landowner's rights by obtaining permission to enter the property and leave the area cleaner than you found it.

  • Several stocked streams are closed to harvest during specific periods and then opened to harvest later in the year. The objective of this regulation is to provide a catch-and-release fishery for trout during the winter months using relatively low numbers of stocked trout. Then later in the year, after these fish have grown some, they may be harvested.

    The following areas have delayed harvest regulations:
    • Paint Creek (Green County)
    • Tellico River (Monroe County)
    • Gatlinburg Trout streams (Sevier County):
    • West Prong Little River
    • Dudley Creek
    • Roaring Fork
    • Leconte Creek
    • Hiwassee River (Polk County)
    • Piney River (Rhea County)
    Regulations and boundaries vary for each creek so please consult thefishing regulations.