Seedling Nursery Open for Orders

Wednesday, August 30, 2023 | 03:18pm

Nashville - The East Tennessee Nursery, run by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry (TDF), began accepting seedling orders from the public today, September 5th.

The nursery cultivates nearly 40 varieties of tree and shrub seedlings, growing over 1.5 million seedlings each year, and offers them for sale at affordable rates beginning in September. Seedling varieties are carefully selected to ensure they will thrive under the growing conditions commonly found across Tennessee.

The TDF's goal in cultivating and offering seedlings for sale is twofold: First, TDF seeks to promote reforestation efforts and facilitate environmental benefits, impacting water quality, wildlife habitats, opportunities for recreation, and carbon sequestration. Second, TDF seeks to facilitate and support a sustainable future for the important forest products industry in Tennessee, which generates over $23 million dollars for the state each year.

Each year, individuals and organizations across the state buy seedlings from the nursery in bulk to support their land and forest management goals.

To learn more about TDF's work through the seedling nursery or to order seedlings, please visit: