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TWRA Fisheries Division Completes 2015 Florida Bass Stockings

Friday, June 12, 2015 | 09:28am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Fisheries Division has completed its Florida largemouth bass stockings for 2015.

TWRA fish hatchery personnel stocked close to 950,000 fingerlings in reservoirs and agency lakes. The stocking goal of 750,000 was exceeded by almost 200,000 fingerlings. 

The TWRA was able to get 1,225,000 Florida largemouth fish fry from state fish hatcheries in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas in mid-April. TWRA hatchery staff raised the fry to a stocking size of about two inches.

“Our hatchery personnel did an incredible job of obtaining the fry and producing the numbers that were stocked this year,” said Bobby Wilson, TWRA Fisheries Chief. “It just goes to show how dedicated they are in making fishing better for the anglers in Tennessee.” 

Hatchery personnel stocked 949,847 fingerings beginning in late May into five major reservoirs in the Tennessee River system as well into several TWRA owned and managed fishing lakes in West and Middle Tennessee. The bodies of water and the number of fingerling stocked are:

* Ft. Loudoun Reservoir   147,500
* Watts Bar Reservoir        187,045
* Chickamauga Reservoir 183,830
* Nickajack Reservoir         105,121
* Kentucky Reservoir          220,098
* Herb Parsons Lake             21,256
* Other agency lakes              84,997
   Total                                      949,847


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