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TN State Fire Marshal Announces New Bomb and Arson Canines

Monday, May 19, 2014 | 07:14am

NASHVILLE, TN – The State Fire Marshal’s Office is proud to announce the graduation of two new accelerant dogs. The canine assets, Wrigley and Leo, join their special agent handlers as part of the State Fire Marshals Bomb and Arson Section.

The canines recently graduated from the ATF’s National Canine Academy. Alongside their handlers, special agents Daniel Foster and Ryan Shanklin, Leo and Wrigley completed a rigorous 16-week training program where they learned to identify trace amounts of various accelerants. Leo and Wrigley join the Bomb and Arson Section’s bomb and explosives dog, Smokey. 

“Smokey, Wrigley, and Leo are valuable assets to the Bomb and Arson Section,” Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention Gary West said. “The acquisition of two new accelerant detecting dogs improves the effectiveness of our fire investigation unit by making it easier to identify suspicious fires.”

“The Bomb and Arson Section is made up of leading experts in fire investigation,” Bomb and Arson Director Dewey Woody began. “From the stages of Bonnaroo to the scene of a fire fatality, our special agents and canine assets protect Tennesseans by cracking down on bad actors who threaten the safety of our communities. I hope the continued growth of section sends a clear message to potential arsonists; if you intentionally set a fire, we will find you and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” 

The Bomb and Arson section now has a canine asset is each region of the state; east, middle, and west.

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