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TDEC Lifts Temporary Water Contact Advisory for Millers Creek

Wednesday, February 05, 2014 | 10:40am

Sampling results not indicative of continued public health threat from lagoon release; Emergency Order issued

Nashville, Tenn. – The temporary Water Contact Advisory for Millers Creek in Coopertown, located in Robertson County, has been lifted based on results of samples collected following lagoon failure and release of wastewater.

While samples do not indicate an undue bacteriological threat in the creek, the department issued an emergency order today to ensure the site meets permit limits. Among other things, the order issued to Tennessee Wastewater, Inc. requires the company to immediately establish secondary treatment and pay the departments’ oversight costs.

Tennessee Wastewater, Inc. constructed a temporary berm that has isolated the composed portion of the lagoon. However, the remainder of the lagoon is not sufficient in size or depth to provide secondary treatment necessary to meet permit limits.

TDEC advised the public not to come in contact with Millers Creek after the incident out of an abundance of caution in the case that samples showed any type of public health threat. Five locations were sampled, and all indicated bacteria levels typical to streams in this area.

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