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Wine Club Memberships—A Perfect Pairing of “Easy” With “Appreciated”

Friday, November 14, 2014 | 03:08am

NASHVILLE - 'Tis the season for clinking glasses, cheery toasts and celebration. One trendy way to keep that festive spirit alive all year long is with the gift of a wine club membership through a Tennessee winery.

Wine clubs are easy to join, and a gift membership is sure to be appreciated. It’s an especially thoughtful choice for friends and loved ones who live far away or are unable to receive their gifts in person.

Wine club members receive regular shipments of wines from one particular winery. The frequency of shipments and the amount of wine included depends on the membership.  When the gift is purchased, recipients are notified of their new club status and can choose for themselves the types of wine they’ll receive. Tennessee wineries produce the full range of wines including dry, sweet or blended, and since most Tennessee wineries use local fruits as well as grapes, every shipment can hold a new flavor experience.

Membership has its privileges beyond the guaranteed bottles of local wine that show up on the doorstep. Year-round perks include discounts on additional wine, invitations to special "wine club member only" events, discounts on purchases from the winery’s gift shop, and even exclusive wines made just for members. All Tennessee wineries now offers these memberships, so consider pairing new members who live in Tennessee with wineries close to their homes so they can take advantage of every aspect of the club.

To find and join a Tennessee wine club, visit From the home page, click on Food, then Beverages, then Wineries. Some wineries will need to be contacted directly by phone and others may offer that option online. Once the gift membership is purchased, the winery will take it from there.

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