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2015-16 Sport Fish Regulations to Be Set During October Commission Meeting

Friday, October 24, 2014 | 10:39am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission will establish the 2015-16 sport fish regulations during its October meeting. The meeting will be held in Greeneville on Oct. 29-30 (Wednesday-Thursday) at the General Morgan Inn. 

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Fisheries Division presented changes in the sport fish proclamation during a preview at the August TFWC meeting. The proposals will be presented to the commission for discussion and approval.

A status of TWRA’s warm water and cold water hatcheries will be presented. TWRA Hatchery Coordinator David Roddy will make the presentation. 

The Fisheries Division will also recognize its biologist and technician of the year during this month’s meeting.

The TFWC will be given presentations on the Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend. The commission will also be advised of TWRA’s quail program and the progress made at Kyker Bottoms Refuge in southern Blount County.

Dr. Jean Brennan, coordinator for the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative, will give an update. The Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative is an applied science and management partnership working to protect natural lands, valued resources and the biological diversity that provide environmental benefits and services to the human communities across the region. 



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