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Governor Haslam Announces Transportation Grant for Town of Jasper

Friday, August 16, 2013 | 05:59am

Governor Haslam Announces Transportation Grant for Town of Jasper

Grant to Fund Sidewalk Construction & Improvements

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Commissioner John Schroer announced today the award of a $122,143 transportation alternative grant to the town of Jasper for the Betsy Pack Drive Sidewalk Construction and Improvement Project.

The project will construct sidewalks to connect the Jasper Public Library and Marion County Courthouse Square with Marion County High School and Jasper Elementary, and add ADA accessible ramps at seven intersections. The sidewalks will provide a missing link between two of the busiest areas of Jasper, and improve access to many public facilities.

“Downtowns are the heart of our communities, and creating better access to them contributes to the great quality of life in our cities and towns, which in turn help us be more attractive to businesses,” Haslam said. “This project will enhance the identity and visual character of Jasper’s downtown while also keeping pedestrians safe and encouraging more residents to walk and enjoy the area.”

The transportation alternative grant is made possible through a federally funded program formerly known as transportation enhancement, and is administered by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

“Through these grants, TDOT has funded more than $294 million in non-traditional transportation projects,” said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer.  “This program has assisted communities all over the state in their efforts to revitalize downtowns, highlight historic areas, provide alternative means of transportation, and increase opportunities for economic development.”

A variety of activities such as the restoration of historic facilities, bike and pedestrian trails, landscaping and other non-traditional transportation projects are eligible for grant funds under the federal program.

Sen. Janice Bowling (R-Tullahoma), Rep. David Alexander (R-Winchester) and Rep. Billy Spivey (R-Lewisburg) represent Marion County in the Tennessee General Assembly.



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