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TFWC Holds Special Meeting

Monday, June 10, 2013 | 10:21am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission made changes to a trio of proclamations (13-05-13-06, and 13-08) during a special called meeting held via conference call on Monday afternoon.

The commission’s actions were taken to help clarify the proclamations that were originally approved at its May (30-31) meeting where the 2013-14 state hunting regulations were set. Changes were made to prevent conflicts between user groups, including bear hunters participating in scheduled bear dog hunts. 

Additionally, changes were made allowing bear hunters to continue to possess a firearm until the end of the day in which they harvest a bear. The changes do not affect those hunters who have filled their seasonal or daily bag limit from continuing to accompany hunters for the remainder of the respective seasons provided they are not in possession of any firearm or ammunition.

The TFWC’s next regular meeting will be held June 27-28 in Nashville at the TWRA Region II Ray Bell Building. 


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