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TWRA, City of Chattanooga Receive Major Grant to Aid in Transient Boating Facility Construction

Thursday, May 09, 2013 | 07:53am

NASHVILLE --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, in cooperation with the City of Chattanooga, has been awarded a grant to build or extend dockage at four prominent locations along the downtown south shore of the Tennessee River.

The project will include the installation of up to 10 slips for transient, nontrailerable vessels at each location.

The grant is being made available through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) program. The Chattanooga project was one of the 16 sites for the competitive grant as announced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

The project has received $1,285,868 and the City of Chattanooga will provide a percentage match toward this grant, embarking upon the necessary refurbishment of Ross’s Landing. An additional $65,000 from the same program has been received and committed to the Chattanooga project.

“This is one of many projects that TWRA is involved that promotes tourism and increases the economy of the state and local governments,” said Ed Carter, TWRA Executive Director. “We are very pleased to be involved in a project of this stature and in cooperation with the City of Chattanooga.”

The city of Chattanooga Parks and Recreation Administration’s successful efforts to seek funding for the additional boat slips will have an immediate impact and increase tourism by the transient boating community. In 2012 alone, the Chattanooga Marina hosted more than 1,000 customers, including the popular fleet titled, Loopers

The transient boating community helps generate an estimated 1 million dollar economic impact to the local Chattanooga economy yearly. The successfully funded slips will facilitate and help fulfill the high demand for transient dockage during the ever expanding events on Chattanooga’s waterfront. 

“The Boating Infrastructure Grant program is one of the many ways we support access and provide quality outdoor opportunities for Tennessee’s recreational anglers and boaters,” Carter said. “These projects also support major construction projects, creating jobs and providing much-needed economic benefits.”

Funding for the BIG program comes from the Sport Fishing and Boating Trust Fund, formerly known as the Aquatic Resources Trust Fund. It is supported by excise taxes on certain fishing and boating equipment and boat fuels. 


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