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A Statement from Commissioner Huffman on the Expect More, Achieve More Coalition

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 | 08:56am

The following is a statement from Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman on the growth of the Expect More, Achieve More Coalition, “a statewide alliance of business, education and community organizations … whose goal is to build engagement, support, and awareness of Tennessee’s efforts to raise the bar in the classroom, through the Common Core State Standards.”

“It is encouraging to me, both as the commissioner of education, and as an Expect More, Achieve More coalition member, to see such strong commitment to the Common Core State Standards across Tennessee. We know that our educators, 700 of whom will attend another Core Coach training this weekend, are excited about the Common Core, and I’m pleased to see that enthusiasm spreading to parents, communities and business leaders as well.”

—Kevin Huffman, Tennessee Education Commissioner

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