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Operation of Safe and Secure Prison

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 | 11:05am

NASHVILLE, TN – In an ongoing effort to operate safe and secure prisons, the Office of Investigations and Compliance’s special operations unit conducted a search of the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution on Monday, November 18. These types of searches are designed to enforce prison security, safety and property standards. Major contraband items found were:

  • Six prison-made weapons
  • Five cell phones
  • Small amounts of marijuana

Although results of the search were minimal for the size of the facility, any contraband item can potentially create a problem in a prison environment.

The search indicates employees at the facility are working diligently to keep contraband out.

As of Monday, entry into the facility at all checkpoints and the sally port will be operated under the control of the agency’s special operations unit. Additionally, entry procedures will include enhanced technological security procedures such as Advanced Imaging Technology. These measures are being implemented as the agency continues to look at other strategies to control the flow of contraband.

Commissioner Derrick Schofield thanked the search team for their work in the detection and prevention of contraband and also thanked the staff at Riverbend for their commitment to prevent the introduction of contraband and continue their mission of operating safe and secure prisons.

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