Announcement From Commissioner Jim Henry

Friday, August 26, 2011 | 10:09am

I am pleased to announce that Don Redden, Executive Director for Developmental Services of Dickson County has assembled and agreed to lead a committee to review the Monthly Review and Targeted Element Assessment processes.

As I stated in my correspondence to all providers earlier this month, I believe the 90-day suspension of these requirements will provide an opportunity for assessment by DIDD staff and providers so that a more effective strategy for reviewing a person’s current status and the things that are working or not working for him or her may be attained.

I am committed to Governor Haslam’s goal of transforming the way we do government by being customer focused and working together to reduce paperwork and cut unnecessary red-tape. I am grateful Don has accepted this challenge, and I look forward to learning new ideas and establishing efficiencies in our service delivery system.

According to Mr. Redden, “the methods we employ for monthly reviews are largely a vestige of an earlier era. They have been essentially unchanged for over three decades. Like many time-honored practices, monthly reviews have become an end product, no longer a means to an end.”

“The committee will relook at what we are trying to accomplish with the review process and make recommendations on how to best achieve those outcomes while addressing the needs of all segments of the system. Likewise, the TEA requirements were a response to a problem in the service delivery system that may no longer exist,” said Redden.

The committee will assess the current status of that problem and make recommendations on how to move forward.

The following are providers who have agreed to serve on the committee:

  • Kristi Lane, The Arc of Davidson County
  • Elissa Boltik, Community Network Services
  • Mike McElhinney, Michael Dunn Center
  • Phil Garner, Buffalo River Services
  • Sharon Perry, West Tennessee Family Solutions

I look forward to working with these individuals and appreciate their willingness to serve.

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