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First Lady Hosts Parent Roundtable at Boys and Girls Club Chattanooga

Friday, April 08, 2011 | 07:30am

Mrs. Haslam Listens to Suggestions for Engaging Parents and Communities

NASHVILLE –First Lady Crissy Haslam visited the Boys and Girls Club in Chattanooga to continue her discussions with parents and caregivers across the state. Mrs. Haslam has been traveling the state to meet with parents and guardians in order to learn more about how she can help parents stay engaged with their children.

While most of the visits with parents have been held at local schools, Mrs. Haslam included a meeting with parents outside of a school setting.

“We have to remember that valuable learning happens outside of the school building, so it’s only appropriate to hear from parents in a different environment,” Mrs. Haslam said.  “It’s important to highlight those programs like the Boys and Girls Club that provides parents with an avenue of parental involvement outside the classroom.”

While visiting The Boys and Girls Club Chattanooga for the  roundtable discussion with parents, Mrs. Haslam also learned more about the club’s educational programs for participating children, including free tutoring and career exploration.

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