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Insurance & Consumer Affairs Divisions Provides Support & Relief to Ft. Campbell Soldiers

Thursday, April 07, 2011 | 06:48am
NASHVILLE- Two divisions within the Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) are providing financial relief and educational support to troops stationed at Fort Campbell.
Consumer Affairs is in the process of locating troops who were customers of companies that the Attorney General’s Office sued as engaging in predatory and deceptive sales and lending practices against members of the U.S. military, and sending them reimbursement checks. The payments are from a settlement of that lawsuit.
“We’re happy to facilitate getting money back to Tennesseans who fell prey to deceptive commercial practices, especially when they’re Tennesseans willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms,” says TDCI Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak.” “The Department of Commerce and Insurance takes a grim view of fraud, and we fight it on multiple fronts through our various divisions.”
The suit alleged that the practices amounted to violations of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act by Britlee, Inc. – doing business as The Military Zone, also known as, Laptoyz Computers and Electronics; Stuart L. Jordan, individually; and Millenium Finance Inc. and Rome Finance Company Inc. Rome Finance Company and Millenium Finance provided the financing for the goods.
The payments comprise refunds for the amount of money paid to Millenium Finance Inc. in principal and interest payments, along with an additional amount to compensate for the time Millenium had use of the customers’ money. The settlement was reached with Britlee, Millenium and Jordan. Rome Finance Company Inc. later filed bankruptcy.
TDCI’s Insurance Division’s Consumer Insurance Services section is visiting Fort Campbell today to educate soldiers on their insurance options. The section explains coverage parameters to customers, mediates disputes between customers and insurers, and presents information to consumers at public events and gatherings.
The Department of Commerce and Insurance works to protect consumers while ensuring fair competition for industries and professionals who do business in Tennessee.

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