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Victim Impact Appreciation

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 | 11:17am

NASHVILLE - The Tennessee Department of Correction paid special tribute to crime victims who volunteer their time in state prisons.  Understanding the impact of their crimes on victims is one of the key components in keeping inmates from re-offending.  Each week, victim speakers share their stories with offenders and discuss the far-reaching affect of crime.

"For many offenders this is the first time they recognize the harm they have caused," said Commissioner Derrick Schofield.  "When offenders truly understand what their crimes have done to victims, they start to seriously contemplate change."

Victim/survivor Johnnie Lynn Lucas enters Tennessee prisons regularly to explain to offenders how crime has changed her life.  "By coming here, I found hope that some of these inmates can and will change." said Lucas.

As part of National Victims Rights Week, supporters and facilitators of TDOC's Victim Impact classes were honored for their efforts toward "No More Victims."  More than 50 victim impact speakers volunteer their time speaking to offenders in Tennessee prisons.

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