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Video :: Earthquake Preparedness Week - Eliminating Falling Hazards

Thursday, February 17, 2011 | 07:30am

From TEMA's Week-Long Series on Earthquake Safety



TRANSCRIPT: I'm Kevin Lawrence with Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

We're all too familiar with floods and tornados in Tennessee, but it's also very likely our state could experience a major earthquake within our lifetime.

Reducing and eliminating hazards throughout your home, neighborhood, workplace and school can greatly reduce your risk of injury or death following an earthquake or other disaster.

Conduct a "hazard hunt" to identify and fix things such as unsecured televisions, computers, bookcases and furniture.

Securing these items now will help to protect you tomorrow.

Preparedness is an individual responsibility.

I'm an emergency manager and I'm asking you to plan and practice what to do if an earthquake strikes.

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