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TDOC Closes CBCX-Annex

Monday, November 07, 2011 | 09:31am

NASHVILLE - Commissioner Derrick Schofield announced today the closure of the Charles Bass Correctional Complex - Annex.  While the decision to close the facility happened quickly, the planning for this contingency has been well underway as part of the agency's top to bottom review.

The TDOC is committed to its mission of operating safe and secure prisons and not compromising public safety.  While the Annex is classified as a minimum-security work release facility, it cannot continue to operate under the current design and maintain the integrity of being called a secure facility.  The facility will be evaluated for upgrades or possible permanent closure.  The facility will remain vacant until a determination is made about the future.

The primary mission of the Annex was to house approximately 320 inmates who provided work details throughout the Nashville-Davidson County area.  Inmates are being reassigned to other prisons throughout the State.  Inmate workers will be reassigned to the Charles Bass main facility and there should be no interruption in work details.

A work release component will affect approximately 20 inmates.  Inmates assigned to work release will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Staff assigned to the facility will be reassigned to the main facility or to one of the three other Nashville prisons.

TDOC will continue to do our part to ensure we have a safer Tennessee.

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