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Escapee Captured in Operation Clean Sweep

Thursday, May 29, 2008 | 07:00pm

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -An inmate who escaped from the Department of Correction in 1994 is back in prison. Floyd J. Swayney was captured Wednesday, May 28 at a residence in Knoxville. Swayney was taken into custody without incident by TDOC Internal Affairs Agents.

Special Agent Richard Metcalfe located Swayney at a home on Highland View Drive where he had been living for the past nine months. He told Agent Metcalfe he was preparing to leave again when he was captured.

At the time of his escape from the Knoxville Community Service Center on April 22, 1994, Swayney had served five years of a 35-year sentence for drug charges. He walked away from a work release site one month after he was denied parole. The 56-year-old inmate is in custody at the Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex in Petros, TN.

“This is an indication that the TDOC is dedicated to locating the people who have left our custody. We will continue searching until all are returned,” said TDOC Internal Affairs Director Jerry Lester.

Swayney’s capture is part of the continuing efforts of Operation Clean Sweep, which was launched in October, 2007. To date, 13 escapees have been captured. The department now has 32 people on its list of wanted escapees.

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