TDOT SmartWay Camera System Now Available for Chattanooga Area

Monday, January 01, 2007 | 06:00pm

Chattanooga, Tenn. – A new travel tool is now available to motorists in the Chattanooga area. Today, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials launched Chattanooga’s SmartWay traffic camera system. Motorists can now access traffic cameras in the Chattanooga area online through the TDOT website,

“Just in time for the holiday travel season, Chattanooga area motorists are now able to avoid traffic trouble by going to the SmartWay website and spotting congested areas before they leave on their trip,” said TDOT Commissioner Gerald Nicely. “These cameras will also aid in the quick clearance of traffic incidents. Trained operators will monitor the cameras and immediately dispatch TDOT HELP trucks and contact emergency response agencies at the first sign of a problem.”

“The SmartWay camera system has proven to be helpful in managing traffic congestion in the other three major metropolitan areas of the state and will be a useful tool in the Chattanooga area,” added TDOT Region Two Director Bob Brown.

The cameras are still in the testing phase, so there may be occasional interruptions in service. Currently there are 59 cameras along major travel routes in the Chattanooga area, with four additional cameras scheduled to go online by summer. People can now view cameras located along I-75, I-24, US-27 and SR-153. TDOT plans to add more cameras, along with overhead dynamic message signs that display real-time traffic information, in the future.
The SmartWay cameras are strictly for congestion mitigation and will be monitored by incident management personnel at the temporary Traffic Management Center (TMC) located at TDOT’s Cromwell Road complex.

“These cameras will help improve safety and efficiency on Chattanooga’s roadways,” said TMC manager Bob Van Horn. “It will allow us to see exactly what is occurring on the roadway and dispatch the appropriate incident management personnel to clear the scene faster.”

In addition to having the use of SmartWay traffic cameras in all four major cities, drivers traveling through Tennessee during the busy holiday season can also access real-time traffic conditions by calling 511, the voice-activated statewide traveler information system.

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