Grants awarded throughout Tennessee including Chester County

Monday, May 29, 2006 | 07:00pm

Nashville, Tenn.—Governor Phil Bredesen and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) recently released a three-year (2007-2009) Multi-modal Work Program for the state of Tennessee. The program includes various transportation projects and programs, including transit initiatives.

“Through TDOT’s long range planning process, we have worked strategically to develop a needs-based project list. The projects and grants that are being awarded reflect the variety of transportation modes necessary to accommodate the growing demands being put on our transportation system in Tennessee,” said Governor Bredesen.

The state will award the Chester County Senior Center a grant in the amount of $30,413 to assist with that program.

The Chester County Senior Center is a private, non-profit organization that provides transportation services for the elderly and for persons with disabilities.

“This is an extremely worthwhile investment for the state to make,” said Bredesen. “These grants help ensure that many people with limited mobility in our state have transportation to such places as medical centers, educational outlets and adult care facilities. I’m pleased the state is able to provide this assistance to the Chester County Senior Center.”

“The grant will be used to purchase a mini-bus for the program,” reported Lieutenant Governor John Wilder. “I’m pleased the state made this decision to help.”

“This is the kind of program that can make a significant difference in the daily lives of the people to whom it provides service,” added Representative Steve McDaniel.

“This grant program provides federal funding which is administered by TDOT’s Office of Public Transportation to enhance transportation services for the elderly and handicapped,” explained TDOT Commissioner Gerald Nicely. “The program provides 90% of the funding through a mix of federal and state monies and the recipient not-for-profit organization is responsible for the remaining 10% match.”

Vehicles purchased through this program are used primarily for the transportation of elderly and handicapped persons, but they can also be used for other assistance programs, such as “Meals on Wheels.” The total amount being awarded to 27 transportation services in this grant cycle is $1,480,449.

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