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Admissions To Mabry Health Care & Rehabilitation Center Suspended

Sunday, February 05, 2006 | 06:00pm

Gainesboro Nursing Home Cited for Violations

 Nashville, February 6, 2006

Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Kenneth S. Robinson, M.D., has suspended new admissions of patients to Mabry Health Care & Rehabilitation Center and imposed a state civil monetary penalty of $1,500. The federal civil penalty has been imposed at $3,050 a day until the violations are corrected. A special monitor will be appointed to review the home’s operations.

Mabry Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, a 127-bed licensed nursing home located at 1340 N. Grundy Quarles Highway in Gainesboro, was ordered not to admit any new patients based on conditions found during an inspection conducted January 27 through January 30. During the inspection, surveyors found violations related to failure to: adequately supervise and monitor residents at risk for wandering or elopement; maintain and monitor facility alarm systems; report unusual events that result in serious injury to a resident; and protect residents from accident, injury and actual harm.

The Commissioner may suspend admissions to a nursing home when conditions are determined to be, or are likely to be, detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the residents. The order to suspend admissions remains effective until conditions have been corrected and will continue to remain corrected. A copy of the order must be posted at the public entrance where it can be plainly seen.

The nursing home has the right to a hearing regarding the suspension of admissions before the Board for Licensing Health Care Facilities or an administrative judge. 

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