Small Game Hunting Seasons Continue

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 | 06:00pm

Tennessee’s deer hunting seasons may be closing soon but hunters should remember that they still have about eight weeks of small game hunting seasons left, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA).

Some of the best hunting for rabbits, ruffed grouse, and squirrels can be experienced between now and the end of February, the close of small game hunting seasons.

With less escape cover and increased movement required to find food this time of year, these species are easier to locate now than when the seasons first opened.

For squirrel hunting, most any woodlot will hold good populations. Overgrown fields will provide good rabbit hunting. Ruffed grouse can be found in thick brushy areas (clear cuts) or heavy growth along creeks. Also look for food sources during this late season.

The use of dogs will make hunting for these small game species even more enjoyable and more productive.

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