Significant Job Growth Predicted Through 2007

Sunday, October 29, 2006 | 06:00pm


NASHVILLE - Tennesseans will find significant job opportunities through 2006 and 2007, according to recently completed employment projections by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. According to recent research, short term projections of employment in Tennessee show a 1.3 percent average annual increase, translating into an expected increase of about 81,000 jobs in a two-year period.

“According to the research, many employment increases are due to national trends, such as the aging population requiring more health care and food services,” said Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development James Neeley. “This short term job data reflects the effects of contemporary events such as seasonal variations, booms and recessions on the economy that sometimes lead to new long term trends.”

Health care support and computer and mathematical occupations are projected to have very strong growth rates. Other expanding occupational groups include arts, design, entertainment, sports and media; building and grounds cleaning and maintenance; protective service; community and social services; and legal occupations.

The next two years are expected to show very strong industrial growth in arts entertainment and recreation, and administrative and support and waste management and remediation. Growing industries include professional, technical, and management services; health care and social assistance; real estate and rental and leasing; and transportation, warehousing, and utilities. Manufacturing is likely to have some net job losses for the two years, but it is expected to have long term growth to 2014.

Detailed information and analyses are provided in a report available on the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Web site at The data on which the report is based are available in the labor market information system, The Source, at The Source also provides long-term occupation and industry projections to the year 2014.

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