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Districts Receive Grants to Engage and Educate Immigrant Students

Tuesday, January 24, 2006 | 06:00pm

Nashville, TN- Education Commissioner Lana Seivers announced today grants to Athens City Schools, Bradley County Schools, and Warren County Schools to provide educational services to immigrant students. Funds awarded under the federal Emergency Immigrant Education Program (EIEP) will be used to provide enhanced instructional opportunities. These grants target children enrolled in school who were not born in the United States and who have not attended more than three years of education in the U.S.“Immigrant students and their families encounter unique challenges in their schools,” said Commissioner Lana Seivers. “These grants will provide educational outreach and services that build on progress for disadvantaged students.”

The Athens City School District in McMinn County will receive a $10,000 grant to expand their parental involvement initiative to immigrant families and their children. Parental involvement plans enable districts to closely engage the community in preparing for their children’s future.

The Bradley County School District will receive $18,700 to expand parental involvement, provide educational assistants to specialize in services for English Language learners, and provide technological support for these students in the classroom. Immigrant students can benefit from a variety of strategies that improve educational attainment.

The Warren County School District will receive a $3,600 grant to provide educational assistants to ESL students. These services will be centralized in a high growth ESL Center school.

Districts that are experiencing a substantial increase of immigrant children and youth in their district were eligible to apply for the EIEP. Priority consideration was given to districts who have limited or no experience in serving immigrant children, and to grant applications which presented a sizeable scope to meet the needs of their immigrant population.

Funds provided in this grant are made available under Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act. For more information about these grants, please contact Carol Irwin, Title III Program Director in the Department of Education, at 615-741-3262.

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