Job Opportunity: Enabling Technology - Regional Tech Champion

Friday, June 03, 2022 | 09:50am

Overview of position and responsibilities:

The Enabling Technology Regional Tech Champion serves as the contact person and liaison between DIDD Regional offices, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Service Providers, Coordinators, Service Recipients, Technology Vendors, and other participants within DIDD’s Enabling Technology program and services. This position is responsible for providing technical assistance, training, education, consultation, and advisement as a subject matter expert (SME) in the area of Enabling Technology devices, solutions, and services. The DIDD Regional Tech Champion uses best practices to help facilitate and support the person-centered integration of Enabling Technology products and services amongst its members and network of providers in order to encourage cooperation and alignment within the Enabling Technology Program. This position reports to the Division of Program Innovation’s Director of Enabling Technology. 

Essential Work Activities and Functions:

  • Works closely with the Director, other Regional Tech Champions, regional Employment Innovation & Community Inclusion Specialists, and DIDD & ECF CHOICES HCBS provider community to further Technology First initiatives.
  • Supports and ensures person-centered selection, assessment, and evaluation of Enabling Technology supports and services.
  • Participates in Circle of Support (COS) meetings to offer guidance, technical assistance, and updates about Enabling Technology solutions, services, policies, procedures, and protocols.
  • Provides education and training to Regional Offices, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Service Providers, Coordinators, Technology Vendors, and other participants to build understanding and encourage continued alignment with Enabling Technology program and services.
  • Collaborates with the Division’s regional Employment & Community Inclusion Specialists on the implementation and use of Enabling Technology in various employment settings, communities and neighborhoods, and available modes of transportation or travel.
  • Collaborates with the Division of Innovation to record data, provide reports, and give status updates towards developing and implementing metrics to evaluate the efficacy of Enabling Technology services.
  • Collaborates with the Division of Innovation to assist in facilitating, implementing, and managing pilot projects geared towards the discovery of emerging technologies, innovative ideas, and technology first initiatives.
  • Conducts and participates in outreach activities including Enabling Technology Model Home tours, in-person presentations, product demonstrations, webinars,and other forms of media which are necessary for the growth and sustainability of Enabling Technology programs and services.
  • Serves as a liaison between DIDD Regional Offices, agencies in the Provider Network, Support Coordination & Case Management agencies, and approved Technology Vendors.Attends workshops, trainings, virtual webinars, meetings, and other relevant technology events to expand their knowledge of being a subject matter expert for the integration of Enabling Technology.
  • Provides back-up to the Director of Enabling Technology wherever and whenever needed due to planned or unplanned needs in the field.

Minimum Qualifications and Criteria:

Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree and experience equivalent to four years of professional developmental disabilities or mental health work

OR qualifying professional developmental disabilities or mental health work may substitute for the required education (year for year basis for a maximum of four years)Certification in Enabling Technology Integration

OR qualifying professional assistive/enabling technology integration experience may substitute for the required certification


  • Knowledge of spelling, grammar, and word meanings
  • Basic computer knowledge; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint
  • Intermediate Knowledge in Innovative Technology; Smart home devices, Internet of Things, Emerging Technology, etc.
  • Intermediate knowledge of hardware, software, data, and network principles and systems related to the assigned area of responsibility
  • Knowledge of the components of customer service
  • Knowledge of curriculum and training development, instruction, and implementation
  • Knowledge of word processing, file management, and forms design
  • Knowledge of basic math
  • Skill in Technology Design
  • Skill in learning and applying policies and information 


How to Apply:

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Internal Candidates: Log into Edison using your state employee ID and password. Click Navigator - HCM - Self Service - Recruiting - Careers