MCO Dispute Resolution

The TennCare Oversight Division can assist medical, tebehavioral, transportation, and long-term care services and support providers in resolving disputes with TennCare Managed Care Companies ("MCCs") by administering the provider complaint and independent review processes.  For more information on the provider complaint and independent review processes and to see summary reports on the provider complaints and independent review requests submitted to the TennCare Oversight Division, click the corresponding link in the sidebar menu to the left.

NOTE: The TennCare Oversight Division has no authority to intervene in contract negotiations between providers and MCCs, including the establishment rates for medical services.

Selection Panel Meeting Recordings

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated Amended § 8-44-108, a governing body that conducts a meeting allowing participation by electronic means of communication shall make a recording of the meeting, and post the recording or a link to the recording on its website that contains information about the governing body and its meetings.