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Tennessee Real Estate Commission
License Fees-(As of April 11, 2016) § 62-13-308
Initial License Application  $110.00
Initial Firm Application $100.00
Initial Designated Agent $100.00
Initial Vacation Lodging   $100.00
Initial Time Share Salesperson  $110.00
Initial Time Share Acquisition Agent  $100.00
Initial Time Share Firm Registration  $750.00
Broker (Upgrade from Tennessee Affiliate Broker) $110.00
Licensee Renewal (every 2 years)  $80.00
Firm Renewal (every 2 years)  $80.00
Time Share Renewal  $500.00
Physical Changes to the License (All fees are per license):
Transfer to New Firm $25.00
Change of Name (Please provide proof ie. Driver’s license) $10.00
Change of Home Address  NO CHARGE
Change of Status from RETIRED to ACTIVE $25.00
Change of Status from ACTIVE to RETIRED $25.00
Request Duplicate License $10.00
Change Firm Name $10.00
Change of Firm Business Address $50.00
Change or Upgrade of FirmPrincipal Broker $25.00
Principal Broker Release of Affiliated Licensee NO CHARGE
Education Related Fees:
Course not exceeding 8 hours $25.00
Course not exceeding 9-30 hours $50.00
Course exceeding 30 hours $100.00
New Instructor $25.00
License History Requests $25.00 each
Bad Check up to $100.00
Late Renewal $50.00 per month (for the first 120 days)
$100.00 per month (after 121-365 days)
Continuing Education Penalty $50.00 per month
Errors and Omissions Insurance Lapse Penalty Minimum $200