File a Complaint

Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners

When the office receives a complaint, a complaint form is mailed to the complaining party. Once the complaint is received in the office the following procedure is accomplished:

  1. A letter is sent to the complainant acknowledging receipt of their complaint.
  2. A letter and copy of the complaint is sent to the respondent giving them (10) days to respond to any allegations.
  3. Each complaint is then logged in the computer with a number.

A cover letter is prepared for the staff attorney and copies of the complaint are sent to the staff attorney's office. The staff attorney presents each complaint to the board. The board makes their decision on the evidence. A letter is sent to the complainant and respondent on what action was taken.

Before completing the Complaint Form, please read the following:
Complaints filed with the Board office are considered public information. Anonymous complaints containing advertisements or other independent proof of a violation will be opened as complaint cases and processed according to the normal complaint procedures.  Independent proof is defined as proof which does not depend solely on the statement of the anonymous complaint. Examples of independent proof are photographs, news articles, contracts, reports, advertisements, business cards, and other documentary evidence. All other anonymous complaints may be subject to administrative closure without presentation to the Board.

To file a complaint online, please visit CORE.