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Alarm Systems Contractors

Read the 2014 Legislative Report for the Alarm Systems Contractors Board here.

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  • ATTENTION: Be advised, even if you are located in another state, if you advertise, solicit, sell or otherwise provide any of the services described in Tennessee Code Annotated Sections 62-32 in Tennessee or to Tennessee residents, you may be subject to the requirements contained therein, as well as any rules and/or policies promulgated there under.
  • 2015 Citizenship Eligibility - New requirement - ALL applicants must complete eligibility form and submit copies of acceptable forms of identification to verify U.S. Citizenship or Resident Alien Status. Please view requirements and list of acceptable forms of identification in the attached notice.
  • Citizenship Eligibility Requirements and Form - Each applicant must print the attached form and complete - must be submitted with each application.

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