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Alarm Systems Contractors

Authority Regarding Complaints

  • The boards and commissions were created to enforce their respective state licensing laws. Their power and authority exists only within the area authorized by the Tennessee Legislature. In order to protect the public welfare, only those who meet the requirements for licensure are licensed; furthermore, licensees who fail to follow the laws of the profession are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The boards and commissions cannot recover or order the refund of any money or property to which you may be entitled. You must institute a civil lawsuit for this purpose and hire your own legal counsel, if necessary. In certain instances, a judge can revoke or suspend the license of the person against whom you are complaining, the Respondent.
  • The boards and commissions may impose a civil penalty for unlicensed activity or refer the matter to a District Attorney for criminal prosecution. In some cases, an injunction can also be sought to prohibit further unlicensed activity.

Instructions For Filing Complaints

(This complaint form is for use to file a complaint against licensed or non-licensed individuals or companies)

  • COMPLAINANT/RESPONDENT : Complete the Complaint form in its entirety; the Complainant being the individual/company filing the complaint and the Respondent being the individual/company in which the complaint is being filed against.
  • EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION : Please provide your employment information to enable our investigator to contact you concerning the complaint if additional information is needed.
  • BASIS FOR YOUR COMPLAINT : Give a complete statement of the facts, with dates (add additional sheets if necessary). Also attach originals of all documents that will support your allegations.
  • ATTORNEY INFORMATION : If you have contacted an attorney, please provide name, address and telephone number.
  • COMPLAINANT SIGNATURE : Please sign and date, notary is optional.

Anonymous Complaints

Anonymous complaints containing advertisements or other independent proof of a violation will be opened as complaint cases and processed according to the normal complaint procedures (independent proof is defined as proof which does not depend solely on the statement of the anonymous complaint). Examples of independent proof are photographs, news articles, contracts, reports, advertisements, business cards, and other documentary evidence. All other anonymous complaints will be subject to administrative closure without presentation to the board or commission.

Complaint Processing Procedures

  • Upon receipt, the complaint is reviewed by the Program Director.
  • An acknowledgement letter of receipt is sent to the Complainant.
  • Request for a response to the allegations is sent by certified mail to the Respondent.
  • Upon receipt of the response, a copy is forwarded to the Complainant.
  • Complaint, response, and all documentation referred to Staff Attorney.
  • Investigation initiated if deemed necessary by Staff Attorney.
  • Staff Attorney presents findings to the Board/Commission.
  • Final determination is made by the Board/Commission.
  • Complainant and Respondent notified of Board/Commission final disposition.

To file a complaint online, please visit CORE.