TDCI: Conduct Research Before Committing to New Investments in 2017

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 | 09:42am

NASHVILLE – With the new year in full swing, the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance’s (TDCI) Securities Division reminds investors to do their homework and ask plenty of questions before making new investment decisions in 2017.

“With a new year of investing ahead, we remind consumers to thoroughly research their investments before committing to spending any money,” said TDCI Assistant Commissioner for Securities Frank Borger-Gilligan. “Tennesseans should always educate themselves as much as possible about the product they are considering. An informed and skeptical investor is the best tool to prevent fraud.”

The Tennessee Securities Division urges all potential investors to consider the following important tips before making an investment decision:

  • Check the licensing of the product offered and the registration and enforcement history of the person offering the investment opportunity by contacting the Securities Division at 800-863-9117 or by email at
  • Check with someone you know and trust before investing your money, like a friend or associate with experience in business or a financial-related industry.
  • Get written information about the product being offered for sale and make certain you understand it. Remember, professional-looking brochures and websites can be produced by the con artist.
  • Is the product suitable for you? Is this an investment product that is long­ term or short-term? Are there high fees for early withdrawal of your investment principle?  Do you understand the risk involved in the investment opportunity?
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • NEVER accept a verbal contract.
  • NEVER sign anything before reading it carefully and understanding it.
  • Take your time; don’t allow anyone to rush your decision-making process.
  • If you are suspicious, contact the Tennessee Securities Division immediately.

Additional investor education information is available through the Tennessee Securities Division at or at 615-741-2947.