Don't Lose your Cool with Air Conditioning Repairs

Friday, August 01, 2014 | 09:58am

Keep your cool: Choose reliable air-conditioning repair companies 

NASHVILLE – Tennessee summers can be hot! For comfort and safety reasons, it is important to have a working, reliable air-conditioning unit. Scam artists know this and use the rise in the heat to take advantage of consumers by charging for unnecessary repair work. 

To avoid being scammed:

  • Check your air-conditioner’s warranty before authorizing any repairs.
  • Ask for written estimates and statements.
  • Beware of ads with quoted prices that seem too cheap to be true.
  • Get multiple quotes.
  • Research the company and make sure the company lists a physical address.
  • Never pay upfront.
  • Be wary if you’re told several components need to be replaced at once.
  • Do not accept quotes for repairs of new units over the phone. It is impossible to know how much a new unit or repair will cost without first seeing the problem in person.
  • Try to avoid having work done after hours or on weekends to avoid paying for overtime.
  • Beware of ads promising free cleanings or tune-ups. This can lead to recommendations for costly repairs that are not required, high pressure to replace your unit, or significant mark-ups of the price on replacement parts.
  • Be on guard for having to add refrigerant to their air unit every spring. This could be a scam. Any reputable contractor will detect a leak through a pressure test or dye, and will repair the leak. An air conditioning system should never leak refrigerant regularly.


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