Legal Updates

2022 Tennessee Code Annotated Updates


Permit Less Carry Bill


Drug Dog

Florida v. Harris - Syllabus
Qualification of drug dog to establish probable cause.

Florida v. Jardines - Summary
Drug dog sniffs house.



Bobby v. Dixon - Summary
If Miranda is not required and you advise it anyway, does it attach? ELSTAT/Seibert issue.


Reasonable Suspicion

U.S. v. McCraney - Summary
Furtive gestures in motor vehicle and reasonable suspicion to frisk.

State v. Williamson - Summary
Reasonable suspicion to detain and/or frisk.

Embody v. Ward - Summary
Issue of right to bear arms and unlawful detention.



Tennessee v. McCormick - Summary
Blue lights as a seizure.

State v. Moats - Summary
Dissent (filed 3/22/13)
Blue lights as a seizure.

Bailey v. United States - Summary
Detention of suspect leaving scene of impending search warrant.



Maryland v. King - Summery
DNA collection during booking and the 4th Amendment.


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