Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor

Date(s): September 17-21, 2023
Start/End Time(s): Class will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday and concluded by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday.


Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy
3025 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN  37214

Instructor(s): Thad Dorris
Kristy Inglish
Jimmy Eubank
Don Nicholson 
Description: This 40-hour program will address the issues of Emergency Vehicle Operations in law enforcement.  The class will concentrate on vehicle dynamics, liability, and pursuit management of emergency and non-emergency vehicles.  Each officer attending will be required to pass the written exam and pass the precision EVO course in a specified time.  Student must also create an obstacle that will be set up, explained and demonstrated.  It will also cover CSA and Mental Illness.
Fee: $220 - Local Agencies
$260 - State Agencies
$520 - Out-of-State / Private Agencies

40 hours

Prerequisites: Must have completed a 40-hour Instructor Development Course.
Materials: n/a
To Register: Your authorized department Acadis Portal user can register you by clicking HERE. Log in and go to the Training & Events tab.
Other Noties: Maximum number of students is 21.